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today nothing special.adeline showed me her dress which at first i didn't care about, but her dress was tres hot. worked on a lot of art stuff. and i had to redo yesterday's entry, b/c i messed up, natrually.

yesterday was nothing special, spent all day in the art room, except for 20 min in lunch. my ap portfolio is due this week and i have got a shit load of things to do. i am losing klumps of hair at the thought of it. :( after school went to jill's like usual, she told me that she never got to see mean girls, so i went with her. it was my second time seeing it but it was still funny as hell. two thumbs up. holiday fun for the whole family!! went to work which was akward, being that it was my boss' last day of work. after work came home, check my mail, made a few calls and worked on this shit right here.

friday: coffee house which was fun, not as many people as last time, but still fun(god bless abey). some random party, details shall not be discussed, home and tivo.

saturday: work, home, jill and em, worked on prom dress, watched snl, and watched unzipped twice.

sunday: sat on my ass, did ap art work, watched tivo, power went out for a couple of hours, went to sleep early in the dark.

my weekend may have seemed dull, but it i found it to be a good one.

<<--me and anthony settin' up

<<-- anthony playing 'radio'

<<-- will (trying to look sexy, but don't be fooled) and kirk


<<--matt playing some cure covers

<<-- mike and marissa

<<-- emily, kaity, sarah, chichi, and alynn

<<-- dave and matt @ wendy's

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