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sequins and shit.

i felt there was a need for change, i know i haven't updated in forever but i will return soon. and i will be sure to return some phone calls.


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AHHHH IAN! i love you, you are the best!
i am sooo happy you updated, wee!

yo whats up! i am glad that your glad that i updated this was kind of a shitty post but will do a better post later this week.
<3 ian
hey! i am glad that you haven't forgot about me, and hello to you too.
update more often and lets hang out again before thursday
<3 derek
i am pretty booked up, but i will try to fit you in before i leave.
alrite, or maybe i'll just see you around somewhere.

well 571 228 5042 call it you wanna say goodbye or something
ian!!!! me and lyanne love you much and we miss you alot!!

come back to miami..u need to b here!!

i think i need to be back in miami too, maybe winter break or something, i will be back though. and miss you and lyanne too.
ur cute.
you are too.
hello, ian. this is your future room mate/live-in chef/makeshift model/fellow tivo enthusiast speaking. before i become all these things, you must befriend me first. as i have you.
howdy roomie, i didn't know you had lj, you have no idea how excited this make me. i will be sure to add you as a friend.

where's your miami post?